You’re at a table with the most respected founders on the planet as they chat over drinks. The empties are piling up.

Think the conversation would be about honing pitches and business plans and ‘the DNA of a great entrepreneur’? Nuh-uh.

You’d be privy to a gut-spilling, F-bomb dropping, Woody-Allen-on-a-therapist’s-couch experience.

You’d hear war stories about the pain of clawing to 20 thousand users, and the horrorjoy of hitting 200. You’d see synchronized, ‘I shit my pants too’, nods about product pivots, and listen to a group verdict on a customer that’s demanding more, more, more.

There would be dense questions and been-there answers about support, testing, KPIs, marketing, and more. The conversation would start at UI/UX and end at TSX/NYSE. There would be architectures scrawled on napkins, straw polls taken, and expertise revealed.

You’d hear stories stuffed with all the agonies and ecstasies of running a business that’s almost there.

That once-in-a-lifetime conversation is what Maple Butter will offer every day.

No startup 101, just useful advice that helps you turn traction into triumph.

With contributions by a roster of active founders, Maple Butter will bring you meaty how-to’s, case studies and reports from the people on the front lines.


Dan Martell

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