Dan Martell is the co-founder of www.flowtown.com, an application that helps turn your best customers into your best marketers. An award-winning Canadian entrepreneur, at 25, Dan formed his first start-up, Spheric Technologies Inc., and watched it grow by an average of 152% per year before he sold the company 4 years later in mid-2008. As an informal angel investor, he is active in advising entrepreneurs using lean startup methodology and metrics based marketing to gain market adoption.

Personal Website: http://www.flowtown.com

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Get Rid of Lazy Questions Once and For All

Written By December 19th, 2012 | Category: Startup Life | 3 Comments

“I’m going to be in San Francisco next week – who should I meet?”

There is a time and a place for open-ended questions. When you’re trying to get to know someone better, interviewing them for a job, prodding for details or going on a first date.

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I just realized that I’ve answered over 1200+ questions on Sprouter. Crazy! Why do I do it? Because I know how important quality advice can be. It’s also a great way to get inspiration for blogging. Recently I noticed a most popular section and was laughing at some of my answers. For the most part they were written at 2AM while I was working – however, I thought you might find them useful.

Warning: Typos, run-on sentences, and crappy formatting.

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It’s better to have focus, and be wrong, than to be wrong without focus. At least then you’ll know what’s not working.

~ Bill Gross (Founder & CEO of Idealab)

Source: BILL GROSS: Here Are The 12 Lessons I’ve Learned In My 30 Years Of Being An Entrepreneur

Atletismo 2

If you’re creating something interesting then you should expect other teams to be working on similar ideas. It’s just the way it is. Any new idea is had by 3 other people at the exact same time as you had it. So, don’t be surprised if you hear about other startups launching in your space. The challenge is to not let it distract you. He why I think early startup competition doesn’t matter.

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3 Things That All Great Startups Have

Written By January 23rd, 2012 | Category: Startup Life | 25 Comments

Steve Wozniak and Steve Jobs

Having met with hundreds of entrepreneurs and invested in 15+ others as an angel investor, I’ve started to see patterns as to what great startups and founders have in common. In my mind, these three are the most important.


  • They would put their head through a wall, for their idea, if that meant success.
  • They don’t shy away from things that others would be scared to tackle.
  • They are, and continue to be, their biggest user
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