The following story is about Flowtown – a startup I co-founded with Ethan 2 years ago. In it, I’ll go over; how we got started, raised a venture round, scaled to over 25,000 businesses, hit a wall and built it all back up again. Entrepreneurship is about crazy highs and intense lows and the ability to get through those tough moments.

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Scenes from the Year One Labs Google Hackathon

Ben Yoskovitz is a founding partner at Year One Labs, an early stage accelerator in Montreal. Previously he founded Standout Jobs (which got acquired). Follow him on Twitter @byosko and subscribe at Instigator Blog.

We’ve learned a lot launching and running Year One Labs. And we’ll continue to learn. Here are 7 lessons learned that I hope you’ll find useful:

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Validated Learning

Validated by boutmuet, on Flickr

Most startups fail because they run out of time or money before they find a product that meets a market demand. In today’s world of platform API’s, cloud computing and outsourced engineering – it’s not “can you build it?”, it’s “should you build it?”.

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Much like the term web 2.0, or agile, what Lean Startup means (note capitization) is often misunderstood.  It’s not about pinching pennies, though that’s good, it’s about validated learning.

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Lean Product Development

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