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The New York Times on the New Art of Flickr

This post is being reposted with permission. The blog covers a quick 30 minute chat I had on namesake today with my Twitter followers regarding content marketing. What’s amazing is how well Casey was able to extract and string a coherent thread together from my typo infected comments 😉

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Shopping mall questions

This past summer, a friend of mine launched a new section on her entrepreneurial site (Sprouter) dedicated to questions and answers (Q&A).  After trying to wiggle my way out of any new commitments, I reluctantly agreed to do my best to answer any questions that fit my experience.   Well, let’s just say I had so much fun, that after replying to over 200+ questions I started to see a pattern and thought I’d extract the top 5 and officially answer them here.  Read More…

Didem again

For most early stage startups, user experience, like marketing and human resources, is a luxury. A bright idea is born, and few people hurriedly work towards developing a building a tool or a service that meets a need.

In many cases, however, this need is assumed. And, in those same cases, this assumed need is wrong, or at least not close enough to be make the purchasing decision easy for your customers. At the end of the day, this is really the only thing that matters: making sure that someone will use/buy what you have to offer.

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Foundation 05 // Brian Wong from Kevin Rose on Vimeo.

Brian Wong is an entrepreneurial rockstar.  He’s the youngest person to raise venture funding and most recently announced another big round. In this interview with Kevin Rose, Brian gets down and honest and shares some of the secrets to his success thus far.

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Mark Pincus + Mike Arrington

Among my business friends, being called a hustler is a good, even noble thing. While “civilians” may have a negative view of hustling, in the start-up world, being a hustler has a totally different connotation.

Here’s what being a Hustler means to me.

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