Love Coffee

… then don’t sell your company.

As an Entrepreneur we wake up everyday to solve problems that we see in the world. We solve those problems by creating an environment that excites us. We hire the smartest people we can find, build the most amazing products/solutions for these problems, for customers (hopefully like us) that we absolutely love. This is what makes us happy. We certainly don’t do it for the money, because for the average startup, there’s no money to be made. If you sell your company, it’s likely one – if not all of – these things won’t be true.

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7 Tips For Getting Acquired

Written By November 23rd, 2011 | Category: Money | 42 Comments

People say that companies don’t get sold, they get bought and I couldn’t agree more. On October 4th, 2011, my startup (Flowtown) got acquired and I wanted to share some thoughts on how things came together. First off I wanted to personally thank Steve Anderson, Tim Young, Alex Bard, Tony Conrad and Leonard Speiser for their time and advice throughout our process. It definitely takes a village. So, with that – I’ve taken some time to reflect on things that worked for us and compile a list of tips that might help you if you plan at some point to exit via an acquisition.

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To Raise, Or Not To Raise

Written By September 6th, 2011 | Category: Money, Startup Life | 56 Comments


There must be something in the air because over the past 3 weeks I’ve gotten 30+ emails from startups that are actively looking to raise $500K+ and want “advice”. Well, here’s my advice.

Go out there and make some money!

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US incorporation for Canadian startups

Written By August 29th, 2011 | Category: Legal, Money | 4 Comments

Reprinted with the permission of Carl Mercier.

In March 2009, I gave a talk entitled How I founded, bootstrapped, grew and sold my web startups at Mesh U in Toronto, Canada. Ever since, people have been fascinated by how I incorporated Karabunga (Defensio‘s parent company) in Delaware despite living in Canada, and yet maintained the simplicity and benefits of running a Canadian company.

I don’t think a month has since gone by without me having to explain in more detail how I did it. Today, I thought I’d finally share with the world what I learned.

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Matterhorn sunrise

Scott Munro is the founder and a managing director at Pagemill Partners. Prior to founding Pagemill, Scott was CEO of Savoir Technology Group, Inc., where he grew the business through acquisition from $50 million in revenues to more than $1 billion. While there he completed 13 acquisitions with hardware, software and services companies.

The M&A market has undergone permanent change over the last three to five years and the implications of these changes need to be known and understood by every entrepreneur.

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