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Martin Shen (@martinshen) is a Canadian entrepreneur and designer living in SF. He co-founded UpOut to change the way we discover fun things to do in your city. Read his blog at

Code. Worry. Sleep. Worry. Eat. Worry.

Everyday I juggle reasons why my startup will succeed with why it’ll fail. Although entrepreneurs are inherently optimistic and risk takers, sometimes we can be overwhelmed with the unknown: Why aren’t people converting? Should we focus on mobile? Is this new feature going to help us grow?

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Get Rid of Lazy Questions Once and For All

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“I’m going to be in San Francisco next week – who should I meet?”

There is a time and a place for open-ended questions. When you’re trying to get to know someone better, interviewing them for a job, prodding for details or going on a first date.

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Falling Out of Love (w/ My Company)

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2/52 - It's Raining Men!

Andrew Draper (@andrewdraper) is a designer and hacker. He’s been an entrepreneur in one way or another for most of his life. He co-founded Manpacks 2 years ago, a service to help guys remember to replace their essentials and give them more time to do the things they’d rather do.

There’s a lot written about having passion and how it’s the key to building something great, but nobody talks about what to do if after you successfully raise a seed round, get thousands of customers and get lots of press/social media attention you find yourself unhappy, unfulfilled or no longer interested in the challenges your startup faces. Here’s how I handled it.

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I just realized that I’ve answered over 1200+ questions on Sprouter. Crazy! Why do I do it? Because I know how important quality advice can be. It’s also a great way to get inspiration for blogging. Recently I noticed a most popular section and was laughing at some of my answers. For the most part they were written at 2AM while I was working – however, I thought you might find them useful.

Warning: Typos, run-on sentences, and crappy formatting.

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Atletismo 2

If you’re creating something interesting then you should expect other teams to be working on similar ideas. It’s just the way it is. Any new idea is had by 3 other people at the exact same time as you had it. So, don’t be surprised if you hear about other startups launching in your space. The challenge is to not let it distract you. He why I think early startup competition doesn’t matter.

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