Big Omaha 2011 - Dan Martell

This talk from BigOmaha 2011 covers some of my unconventional ideas and approaches to being and becoming an entrepreneur, and why they have proved invaluable to my success.

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Much like the term web 2.0, or agile, what Lean Startup means (note capitization) is often misunderstood.  It’s not about pinching pennies, though that’s good, it’s about validated learning.

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$150 bet with FoodCircles team in Grand Rapids, MI

As an entrepreneur I love risk, moving fast and taking action. When I come up against a challenge I scheme to overcome it. But as I travel around speaking to entrepreneurs regarding lean startup philosophies, I hear stuff like this.

  • “I’m scared to launch cause I might not be able to handle the demand”
  • “We don’t want to charge because we want to make it easy for businesses to sign up”
  • “We need to add a few more features before we invite anyone to use it.”

Most startups aren’t accountable to anyone but themselves. That’s not always optimal.

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My (successful) US work visa application, London, UK -- seriously!.JPG

I started working on CloudFlare while I was doing my MBA at Harvard. By the time graduation rolled around in June 2009, a classmate and I decided to move to California to pursue CloudFlare full-time.

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50 Years, Not 15 Minutes

Written By May 16th, 2011 | Category: Relationships | 21 Comments

Old friends

Imagine you’re introduced to someone at a conference, work function, or summer barbecue. Assume you knew this 15-minute conversation was the beginning of a 50-year friendship. How would that change the way you interacted?

Now what if you treated every new person you met like they were going to be a friend for life?

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